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Corte Madera

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Corte Madera​

Corte Madera

Location Details

Town Center
208 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA 94925

phone (415) 927-3663
fax (415) 927-3569

Daily 11:00am-8:00pm

24 hours requested on orders of $250+.
Same day orders up to $250 should be submitted by 9:00am.

Delivery and Order Ahead available
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Customer Reviews

Amazing place to eat. Everyone is so nice, food is delicious, and a perfect restaurant to eat at for lunch or dinner. (Breakfast too 😋!) World Wrapps is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Marin!

Tamar Customer

Loved the Hawaiian Poke wrap! Similar to a sushi burrito. Perfect ratios & very delicious. Highly recommend!!

Natalia Customer

Me and my girlfriend like to go here for lunch. Their prices are fair, and they have really good healthy options to eat. The manager is really friendly and makes it enjoyable to go here.

Juliana Customer

Food is fresh and healthy, staff is very nice, I'm happy I ate here today. Would recommend.

Jared Customer

Tired the Tikka masala tofu and coconut curry tofu bowls. Both were so good that I was confused which one I like more. Would definitely recommend!

Akshat Customer

Great food. Great services. What more can you ask for? Special thanks to Russell for the great services.

Canh Customer

World Wrapps is the real deal. Large menu with a ton of variety, and everything is not only delicious but completely reasonably priced. All the fish options (poke, shrimp, salmon bowl) are especially amazing - everything is SO fresh. The service is always fast, friendly, and attentive. I go out of my way to eat here.

Emily Customer

We were starving at Stanford shopping center and needed something healthy and filling that wouldn’t break the bank. This was perfect! Very reasonable prices for the area and the bowls had a lot of food. Everything was served on reusable bowls and utensils which was appreciated!

Meredith Customer

Tried new meat free bulgogi wrap. Ordered a mango juice tea which was perfect. Ot takes time to make that particular wrap so while I waited they gave me another mango juice tea for free. That's great customer service. Very helpful in choosing drink, front lady let me taste out the different flavors. Overall great experience.

Rajdeep Customer

Great food and the NICEST staff. Will definitely come back! (Also, my four year old ate a whole plate of their salmon and cucumber salad. Happy mama 🙂

Dr. Liz Customer

Fresh, delicious, high-quality food and excellent customer service make this place a local gem! The staff members are always so welcoming, professional and *kind*...which, in today's world, means a lot!

Diya Customer

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